"Give Evil nothing to oppose, and it will disappear by itself."

-Tao Te Ching

Nothing to Oppose


A Six Week Course To Weather Changes and Gain Perspective with the Philosophy of Chinese Medicine

Behind any system of medicine is a worldview, an outlook on the essential nature of life. Change your perspective, and you can evolve your whole way of being.

Of all my studies and explorations, Chinese Medicine is the most profound and transformative system of healing that I have ever encountered. It's relevance to today's challenges is strong as ever.

This is your chance to make this ancient medicine your own, to see behind the needles and the herbs, and to benefit from it’s principles in your own life.


I am committed teaching you the perspectives and practices that make me an effective healer so that YOU can apply them as a means of personal development.

Why This Course?

Covid-19, #BLM, and global warming have made clear that we persist or perish as a global community. Now, more than ever, we sense the importance of getting to the root of what it means to be a human alive today, and moving from a place of integrity. 

Our current model of medicine is war-oriented and sees the body as a machine, but it doesn’t have to be that way. We have an urgent opportunity to see things differently, and we need everybody onboard.


 Chinese Medicine is holistic:  it sees human beings as embedded in the world and understands that the mind and body emerge as one. What if you had ways of looking at the world that brought clarity and balance? What if there were simple practices you could do that would benefit every aspect of your life? Who would you be if you felt freer and clearer right now? And what if you could answer these questions without having to get a four year masters degree in Chinese Medicine?

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"This class was medicine in action for me."

- Patricia Young, Psychoanalyst in Training

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How Does it Work?

We'll spend six weeks studying the energetic map of the universe as laid out according to Chinese Medicine and Numerology. Tuesdays at 5 PM EST beginning September 1st. There will be a 45 minute lecture, followed by in session exercises, and a wrap up with Q&A. The total time of each call is 90 minutes, but please allow for 120 (I never end a call if there is something essential being addressed).


Throughout the program you will complete readings, exercises and integration practices on your own time. Completion of these exercises is essential to the personal transformation we're all here for! 


Lectures and Q&A are broadcast live on Zoom. Recordings will be available next day if you miss the session. Sign-on information will be sent by email a week before the class starts. Due to limited spaces in class, all sales are final.

 Let me share with you the essential lessons and insights (gathered over 10 years of personal study and apprenticeship) that

changed my life. 

  • Re-connecting with your purpose and leading a virtuous life.

  • Using contemplation to perceive higher truths without endless overthinking and agonizing.

  • Digging in to a meditation practice that sets you free, even if you hate meditating or have been practicing for years.

  • Re-centering the spirit, without having to sign up for a religion.

  • Seeing trends in culture and society, and their direct influence on your health and self expression.

  • Resonating with universal forces to achieve balance.

  • Being a force for good, without having to feel like s$%&.

Jasmine Stine, MAc, LAc, DipOM


Hello! I'm Jasmine, a second generation Acupuncturist and Clinical Herbalist.

Some of my very earliest memories are of 'existential crisis": Who am I really? Why am I here? Is this actually happening? The pain of feeling separate and unmoored followed me well into my 20s, even as I pursued a life of exploration and hard work in my areas of passion: sustainability, social justice, entrepreneurship. Finally, exhausted, broke, and fresh off another failed relationship, I met my mentor, got serious about getting free, and committed myself to the study of Chinese Medicine.

Since then, I have helped hundreds of lost, stressed out, and unwell humans find their way home to a healthier body and healthier sense of self. As a clinician, my approach is rooted in self-cultivation and inspired by my lifelong interest in the human experience. That's why I created this course: I want to empower you with insights from a lifetime of seeking around the world and studying across traditions.

"Anyone who is looking for new lenses and frameworks for understanding their purpose or their health would get a ton out of this course. It exceeded my expectations."

- Kate Poole, Chordata Capital

Who is This Course For:?


Happy Customers

You or someone you know has had a transformational experience with Chinese Medicine. Your curiosity is stoked and maybe you're even considering acupuncture as a career. Taking this class will help you go deeper with treatment and continue its benefits at home.

The Existentially Overwhelmed

You're a burnt out social justice/eco warrior in desperate need of a recharge. You just spent five months (hey, maybe 10 years!) reflecting on the implications of your own life. You've been experiencing a lot of feelings of uncertainty, futility, anxiety, and grief . (Dare I say there may have been a few spiritual crises?) You're looking to reconnect with a sense of purpose and find clarity and personal sustainability on your path. 

Expansive Practitioners/Professionals

You already work with patients or clients. Maybe you're even an acupuncturist! You're looking to deepen your practice, learn about a new modality and expand the context in which you hold your work. You're always contemplating how human health intersects with the health of our culture, our society, and the natural environment.

The Intellectually/Spiritually Curious

You're looking for a different storyline than the hair-raising babble you hear on TV all the time, an alternative framework for understanding our current moment. You find yourself asking: What is health, from the highest perspective? Is there a karmic aspect to what is happening in culture? What does a healing journey look like and what is the best that we can expect from the practice of medicine? 

Program Overview

The course is organized around the major philosophical tenets of Chinese Medicine according to the ancient numerology of 1 through 5.  

Week 1: September 1st   Introduction to Chinese Medicine

In this class, you will explore the historical roots of Chinese Medicine in Taoism, establish the core differences between Eastern and Western thought, engage with the principles of holistic and holographic medicine, and establish an ecological and spiritual imperative for healing. 

Week 2: September 8th   Supreme Unity 

In this class, you will learn about the significance of the number 1 as it relates to unity consciousness, the shared fate of the cosmos, and the integrity of the authentic self. You’ll learn seedless meditation, and be introduced to integrity as the central measure of health.

Week 3: September 15th   Yin and Yang

In this class, you will develop a framework and understanding of duality as primary nature of all manifestation. You will learn to see opposing forces as mutually engendering, and look as self, society, and nature through the lens of ebb and flow. 

Week 4: September 22nd    Heaven, Human, Earth 

In this class, you will study Chinese Medicine’s perspective on the unique role of humanity in the evolution of consciousness. You will learn the concept of Destiny as a responsibility to be lived up to, and study the dynamism of trios in body, mind, and culture. 

Week 5: September 29th   The Four Directions 

In this class, you will be introduced to the energetic geography of Chinese Medicine and the role of space and time in healing. We’ll meet the “weather” associated with each direction and assess our own internal landscape as it is both in- and out- of step with the natural environment. 

Week 6: October 5th   The Five Elements 

In this class, you will be introduced to Five Element or Five Phase theory as paradigm for assessing imbalances in complex systems, such as an individual or a collective. We’ll meet the Five Virtues and explore excess emotion as a major cause of disease in modern culture. 

Nothing to Oppose

SEPTEMBER 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 & OCTOBER 6, 2020
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