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Program Overview

The whole point of this course is to discover and expand the reach of your unique Medicine, all while adding a reliable new revenue stream to your practice. You don't have to be high tech, 20 years into practicing, or internet famous to launch a successful course right now! I did it, and so can you. Let me show you how!

I'll guide you step by step through a two month program designed just for practitioners. You will:

  • Align your Will, set achievable goals and make a launch plan - even if you feel like it's impossible!

  • Discover your Medicine, and turn your uniqueness into a compelling course offering that will draw the perfect students to you.

  • Learn the Tao of Marketing, practice the way of sincerity in sales and discover your ready-to-go customer base.

  • Launch you course and register your first student like a pro without having to feel pushy or salesy.

  • Design your program for optimal Transmission with a course structure that quickly goes to work in your students' lives and gets you great testamonials.


Yin and Yang of Course Creation


Jasmine Stine, MAc, LAc, DipOM

Jasmine Stine is a second generation acupuncturist, herbalist, and recovered existential-crisis addict. Her diverse background in the fields of social justice, entrepreneurship, design, and sustainability inform her work both as a practitioner and a business owner. After having to shut down her New York City practice at the start of quarantine, she quickly refocused her efforts on delivering timely custom herbal formulas and teaching online courses. Her 6 week classes increased the gross annual income of her practice by over 20% in 2020!


• My top tech tips if you want to get fancy
• The Template I used for my sales page
• A plan for growing your mailing list from 0 to 200

"Jasmine was a pillar of support when I was at my worst and she was critical in getting me through it and back to wellness. Her treatments always brought me back to more consistency and vigor in my physical, mental and spiritual health."


"When I began seeing Jasmine, I had almost daily headaches, frequent migraines, and a mysterious pain along my right side. She was incredibly diligent and curious about the causes. Now I rarely have headaches and the pain is gone. I'm not exaggerating when I say Jasmine changed my life!"


"I have witnessed Jasmine's patients heal from chronic physical, mental, and emotional pain under her care. She has the keen ability to identify the underlying cause of disease and the compassion to be with someone through their healing."


"Jasmine is incredibly knowledgeable and grounded, and her treatments and conversations guided me towards making lasting improvements in my life, and helped me feel good in the NOW. She digs deep to see the person within, and inspires her patients to envision a healthier version of themselves."