...and I believe that medicine should help set people free.

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That's right. I said Free.


  • unnecessary suffering

  • self-imposed obstacles and false stories about who they really are

  • unwanted side-effects and invasive procedures



  • live with integrity to their highest purpose

  • make informed & empowered choices

  • contribute to a more beautiful future

"Jasmine is incredibly knowledgeable and grounded, and her treatments and conversations guided me towards making lasting improvements in my life, and helped me feel good in the NOW. She digs deep to see the person within, and inspires her patients to envision a healthier version of themselves."


Natural Medicine for

What Ails You

I am a second generation Acupuncturist and Clinical Herbalist. I maintain a clinical practice in New York City where I work one-on-one with patients to promote wellbeing and resolve both chronic and acute conditions. 

five element acupuncture • chinese herbs • gua sha + cupping

Nothing to Oppose

A Six Week Online Course To Weather Changes and Gain Perspective with the Philosophy of Chinese Medicine

September 2020